The Legend of Sun and Raven

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The Legend of Sun and Raven: hand carved Alaskan yellow cedar.  
This totem shows the legend of Sun and Raven: A box in the tribal chief’s house held Sun. He was never allowed out, so the world was stuck in darkness. Raven wanted to save Sun so he turned into a hemlock needle, and was consumed when the chief’s son went for a drink out of the river.  Raven was then cherished and loved as the chief’s son. He asked the chief if he might play with the box, but he was denied. Raven asked over and over again until the chief finally gave in. Then when no one was looking, Raven opened the box and out shot Sun. Sun headed for the smoke hole in the ceiling, but was too big to fit and got stuck. Then Raven turned back into a bird, and pushed Sun through the hole. As he did, rays broke off that became the moon and the stars.  Then, all of the tribe members that came out of the tribal house were magically turned into the animals of the furs they wore.