Raven's Deal

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Raven's Deal: Hand Carved Yellow cedar.
This totem tells the story of two Raven who appear in front of the tribal council to discuss the disappearance of the salmon. The wise men saw that one of the Raven was different. He was actually a shaman in Raven form, trying to find out where the salmon went.  As all the village went to sleep he turned into a raven and flew out, he saw that the others were diverting the salmon back into the ocean where they had made a deal with Killer Whale to get more than his share.  Raven always love playing tricks on humans. So the shaman set out in front of the fish to cast a spell, and guide them back to the rivers. This made it look like the Raven were double-crossing the Whales. That is why today every spring and fall the salmon come back to the streams, and why the raven don’t go over salt water.