Fog Woman

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8.5  Inches Tall

Fog Woman Hand carved in yellow cedar. This totem pole tells a story of Raven and two men setting out on a trip to get food for their people, but fog rolls in and they become lost. A few moments later a woman appears on the bow of the canoe. She asks them to follow her to her village.  While there, Raven falls in love with her and they live happily married. Soon, a food shortage befalls the village and only Fog Woman has fish in her pot all the time. Curious about this, Raven follows her to the creek one day. He sees that she is able to summon the fish. He asks her about this but she does not reply. The second time he asks her and she does not reply he tells her to be gone. Fog Woman then turns into fog and rolls out to sea shouting that she will return the fish every year to feed him and the village.

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